Hastings pier shops get a candy striped makeover

September 13th, 2017

Hastings Pier was opened in 1872 and has had rather a remarkable, if turbulent, time of it ever since! 

It was a popular tourist destination in its early days, with visitors travelling from far and wide to enjoy the pier and take in the revered health-boosting properties of sea air. 

Over the next hundred years it moved with the times, recovering from its first fire in 1917; enjoying an Art Deco makeover in the 1930s; being requisitioned for official use in World War II and becoming a famous live music venue in the 1960s - 1970s. Unfortunately, by the 1980s its popularity had waned and the pier fell into a state of disrepair. In 2010, it was almost completely destroyed by a second fire. The people of Hastings, however, campaigned for their beloved pier to be restored to its former glory. By 2013, funding was secured and in 2016, Hastings Pier was re-opened. 

Brewers have been involved with transforming the look of the shops on the pier, which are designed to look like beach huts. 

Originally painted black, bright colours were picked and Albany Exterior Smooth was used to bring the traditional British seaside style to life.


Timeline title

Hastings pier opens
The pier catches fire
A new Art Deco look lifts the pier
The pier plays its part in World War 2 and is used for official
Becomes famous as a live music venue
Popularity of the pier fades and it falls into disrepair
A second fire almost completely destroys the pier 
The people of Hastings manage to secure funding to restore their beloved pier
The pier reopens!