Autumn and winter inspire Crown Paints Colour Influences

October 4th, 2016

Crown Paints have revealed their latest colour trends, which offer inspiration for the autumn and winter months ahead.

Crown’s Colour Influences programme has devised the palettes ‘Out of the Dark’, ‘Skyscapes’ and ‘Faded Berries’ providing a wealth of ideas for decorators looking to give their clients some ideas and inspiration regarding the latest on-trend shades. 

The Crown Trade Paint Colour Influences programme gives inspiration for using the latest trend shades.

Crown Trade Paint Skyscrapes Palette
Crown Trade Paint Skyscrapes Palette

Out of the Dark’ features a dramatic and daring edge - relying on the use of dark colours to make a strong colour statement, and then applying an expanse of contrasting tone to turn it on its head.

Black and charcoal grey are dominant in this look, forming solid blocks of tone that are interrupted by strong blasts of bright yellow, pink and orange.

Skyscapes’, is inspired by a natural landscape, and uses layers of tonal colour to create an ethereal, magical look – and it illustrates just how versatile blue can be.

Accents within the trend include sophisticated grey and chalky neutrals, which perfectly enhance the blue gradations and offer a subtle nod to clouds, mist and rocks.

The Autumn and Winter 2016 Crown Colour Influences palettes add a sumptuous feel to any space.

Crown Colour Influences identify what will define the colour landscape for the year ahead.

Crown Trade Paint's Out of the Dark Palette.
Crown Trade Paint's Out of the Dark Palette.

‘Faded Berries’ sees nature take on a robust and moody persona.

This atmospheric influence captures the intensity of nature as it matures and evolves, evoking a landscape characterised by wild heather and untamed foliage.

By setting the richness of deep heather tones against mossy and grassy greens, the palette takes on a decidedly untamed aesthetic, celebrating a nature that is faded and wild rather than restrained and pristine.

The berry and green tones are complemented by neutral accents which bring a softness to the overall look.

Every year, Crown Paints invites its panel of designers, colourists and trend forecasters to identify the influences that will define the colour landscape for the year ahead and keep any space looking stunning. 

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