Finding Out More About Blackfield Creatives

June 6th, 2022

Blackfield Creatives are Brewers Wisbech regulars who are a not-for-profit organisation which nurtures social cohesion by enabling the whole community to have access to the Arts, Culture and Heritage. They particularly try to engage with those who are, or who feel, excluded from their community, and use creative activities to start conversations, build confidence, overcome social isolation, and unite people. 

The team is led by Tim Mann, a visual artist with more than 30 years’ experience working within the Arts sector and Jenny Ward, who has extensive experience of working across the public and charitable sector in a range of management roles. Blackfield Creatives believes in partnership working and all of their projects are designed and delivered in collaboration with the community, with the public, private and third sectors and with other artists and arts organisations.

We got in touch to find out a bit more about the projects they are currently working on!

‘We always try to use local suppliers when sourcing materials for our projects. We have worked with the Brewers team in Wisbech before, on our project at The Staithe, and found them to be really helpful. As we began planning our next project, Mural at 24 High Street, we decided to speak to the Brewers team again as we knew we would get the right advice and a great price for the paints and other equipment we needed.’

Blackfield Creatives

The Mural at 24 High Street

We are working in partnership with Fenland District Council (FDC) to deliver a creative project to transform the temporary hoardings that protect the derelict site at 24 High Street in Wisbech. This site is part of the FDC Wisbech High Street project, a major development programme in the town which will re-energise and re-purpose several buildings in the area.  

This project will see our team transform the hoardings into a contemporary work of art, which will remain in situ whilst the Council continues to redevelop the building, which forms part of the gateway to the town centre and marketplace. The surroundings and history of the town will be taken into consideration as we create artwork which will reflect, and respect, this conservation area. We are currently working with volunteer Street Champions from the Ferry Project to create the artworks, together with volunteers from other local organisations.

You Are Important

‘You Are Important’ is a large-scale collaborative art project which involves businesses and organisations located within Wisbech town centre, working with artists and local people of all ages to create a visual celebration of every member of our community. This project involves Tim, our Artistic Director, and five other professional Artists, creating works of art based on the concept of ‘You Are Important’. Many of these artworks feature different languages too, as we want to celebrate the cultural diversity of Wisbech. The works, which have been created using a range of contemporary art practices, are being exhibited across Wisbech town centre and provide a unique and positive experience for everyone who views them. In effect, the town centre itself has become a vibrant and truly immersive living exhibition.  

The Vertical Garden

This project, which was developed in response to feedback from the local community, involves the development of a Vertical Garden, which has been affixed to one of the public buildings in Wisbech Park. In effect, this ‘living wall’ has become a focal point and a community garden which is open to everyone. The base framework for the Garden was built with support from the students and staff at Olive Academy and volunteers from People & Animals, the Ferry Project, Fenland District Council, the Getting It Sorted Volunteer Group and Wisbech In Bloom, together with members of the community. Students from Nene and Ramnoth Junior School have also helped with the planting, using recycled water bottles to create the containers, and we are now working with other groups, such as the CamSight Charity, as we continue to develop the next stage of the Garden. 

To find out more about Blackfield Creatives, head to their website.