Brewers Lewisham swing (and slide) into action

July 19th, 2016

Scott from Brewers Lewisham and the park team.
Scott from Brewers Lewisham and the park team.

Brewers Decorator Centres have a proud tradition of supporting community projects and charities both at home and abroad. From supplying paint to raising funds through sponsorship Brewers have a strong ethos of community spirit.

Brewers Lewisham branch recently became involved with a community funded project to help rejuvenate a children’s play park. The area had reopened after 2 years, and with such a period of time out of service had become an uninspiring place calling out for an injection of colour.

Brewers Lewisham were happy to help bring the space alive and donate paint to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The project was highlighted after Brewers Lewisham team member Scott, whose children use the park, wanted to help add a splash of colour and help overhaul the space.

Now the play park looks fresh and fun, igniting the imagination of all who use the area, providing Lewisham a stunning outdoor space to create new memories for years to come.