Brewers and Milton Keynes College inspire a new generation of decorating

August 24th, 2016

Brewers has strong links with institutions which teach and train in the art of decorating. The most recently partnering is with Milton Keynes College as they prepare to launch their new painting and decorating department, which will inspire and prepare the next generation of decorator.

Filling a gap in the area, Milton Keynes College painting and decorating course will mean budding local decorators will no longer have to travel the distance to alternative colleges further afield.

Brewers will help offer their extensive product knowledge and top tips of the trade to students.

Brewers Decorator Centres are proud to be involved in the new course, offering their extensive product knowledge and top tips of the trade to help students learn their craft.

To make sure students are fully kitted out for the course, Brewers Milton Keynes have provided student packs containing essential decorating products from Albany and Hamilton as well as donations from Big Wipes and Mirka.

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‘It's important to inspire the next generation of painter and decorator and keep the skill alive. It's a fantastic craft and we're excited to be in partnership with Milton Keynes College to help students develop their trade.’

Karen Larr
Brewers Milton Keynes