Brewers made a splash at London 2012

September 9th, 2016

‘The Brewers team are ICORR qualified and work with customers throughout the specification journey as well as beyond completion to ensure a great finish which lasts!.’

Nick Church
Account Manager

The Brewers Protective Coatings team dived in to the London 2012 Olympics by making a splash on the construction of the newly built Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park in Stratford.

Leading ducting supplier, Hotchkiss, called upon the expertise at Brewers to specify paint for around 11,000 square metres of ducting and air re-circulation network at the Aquatic Centre.

The challenge the ICORR qualified Brewers personnel faced was to find a way of painting the inside of the huge 150mm diameter and 2 metre long tubes. In addition the applied film thickness also needed to be measurable to ensure it complied with regulations.

A two-pack paint system from Bradite was chosen as it matched the job requirements providing the ideal finish and had the right properties needed for the environment.

Trial product applications at Hotchkiss and at the Olympic Park followed to test the solution before going ahead. Accompanied by involvement from manufacturers Bradite, Brewers ensured the final result was of a gold standard!

The environmental factors of the Aquatic Centre meant a paint system needed to withstand humidity.