Decorating takes off with Zinsser AllCoat

April 24th, 2016

Brewers is home to an outstanding collection of top trade brands, all of which help achieve a stunning finish no matter the project.

From painting lighthouses, clock towers, zoo enclosures and murals, Brewers has provided the essential materials for all manner of decorating ventures.

Brewers Crawley branch equipped local Alpine Decorating Limited with enough Zinsser AllCoat for their unique project to take off.

More than 3,000 litres of Zinsser AllCoat has been used to date to transform the ceilings across Gatwick Airport’s North and South terminals, as part of an ongoing refurbishment project.

With such a high footfall Gatwick Airport needed just the right finish.
With such a high footfall Gatwick Airport needed just the right finish.

With the airport open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and more than 40 million passengers passing through every year, a dry fall paint product with next to no disruptive preparation work was required.


Following a full inspection of the site by Zinsser’s specification team, AllCoat was identified as providing the ideal solution, thanks to its exceptional sprayability which guaranteed one coat coverage and virtually odour free application.


Supplied by Brewers, Zinsser AllCoat allowed Alpine Decorating Limited, working on behalf of contractors Balfour Beatty, to cover the entire ceiling, leaving a clean and professional finish while eliminating the potential for disruption to passengers.

Zinsser AllCoat is such a versatile product.
Zinsser AllCoat is such a versatile product.

One of the main benefits of AllCoat is its usability – it is perfect for airless spray application and is very quick drying which is so important when working in a commercial space.


The versatility of AllCoat is also a real advantage, it will adhere to almost any surface without sanding and will cover and seal most paintable surfaces, so made it the perfect choice for this particular project and the finished result is fantastic.