Don't let rust be an industrial sized problem

December 7th, 2016

Industrial units are notoriously prone to corrosion, cracking and peeling. The sheer scale of some industrial developments means application of coatings to repair or prevent rust and weather influences can be awkward and time consuming. 

Cracking, peeling and rust build up are common problems for industrial units.

Cladding can be exposed to all kinds of elements which can break down the substrate over time.
Cladding can be exposed to all kinds of elements which can break down the substrate over time.

Noxyde from Rust-Oleum is a water-based, single pack coating which offers outstanding corrosion protection and waterproofing to iron, steel, special alloys, galvanised and metallised iron and steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and lead so the perfect companion for spray application and industrial environments.

With a life expectancy of over 15 years in the severest corrosion class C5-M and 200% elasticity, UV and abrasion resitance, Noxyde not only prevents against cracking and peeling but also helps prevent rust from spreading.

Noxyde offers excellent edge coverage and due to a recommended application of 350 microns film thickness, means an airless spray applicator from Spraystore is the ideal tool. Noxyde can also be diluted with 25% water to use as an adhesion primer coat on slightly or non porous substrates such as glass, smooth bricks and concrete, ceramics and tiles.

Touch dry in 1 and a half hours and recoatable after 24, Noxyde makes light work of any industrial project.

Case Study: Draper Tools

Brewers Protective Coatings ICorr rep Colin Meade was approached by his customer Draper Tools regarding their Southampton factory.

During the site visit, Colin identified that the roof sheets of the family run business’ factory had started to break down on the edges and that there were small patches of rust and some chalking across the surface.

The Specification was prepared for Draper detailing the necessary preparation of the surface including the use of Rust-Oleum’s Universal Cleaner and Degreaser in conjunction with a jet wash system.

Due to the vast area of the roof, it was recommended that Noxyde was applied to the prepared surface by airless spray followed by spot coating areas of rust and screw heads. Finally two full top coats had to be applied to the whole area. The work was carried out to the specification by Draper’s own maintenance team.

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