From Paint Pallets to Planters!

July 27th, 2021

Brewers Ware decided to get creative with some paint and pallets to spruce up the outside of the branch.

Ware branch manager Sarah wanted to improve the outside of the branch to make the walkway more inviting. Originally Sarah wanted to buy some wood but soon realised it was going to be a costly project. She then thought about recycling some leftover wooden pallets, as this would be cost effective and a resourceful way to bring some much-needed colour into the space. It was then realised the pallets would make fantastic planters and the idea bloomed from there! 

Albany masonry paint was used in a Brewers Blue and had taken a couple of months to complete, another five are required to finish the project but Sarah is really proud of the result! Customers have noticed the difference and were kind enough to compliment Sarah on her handy-work. 

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