A Love for Hygge Design

November 5th, 2021

Hygge (hoo-ga) design is a Danish concept, giving a home a real cosy feel, inspired by Nordic aesthetics. The distinct style of Hygge design is one of a warming minimalist feeling, but its exact definition is elusive. We got in touch with Hannah Newman of @MyPetiteNewBuild who has captured the essence of Hygge in her home beautifully.

Photos courtesy of @mypetitenewbuild

Where has your love of interior design come from? 

"I’ve always enjoyed being creative and loved art at school. My previous house was a renovation property, so I had lots of fun choosing different colours and styles for that."

Why do you particularly love Hygge design?

"I love Hygge because of its clean lines, stylish pieces, and clutter free concept. I find the colours really calming which adds to my house feeling relaxing."

Photos courtesy of @mypetitenewbuild

What are the key components you use in Hygge design? 

"I have chosen a colour scheme throughout my house which is green, white, black and neutral woody tones. I try and have that running throughout the house so that it flows nicely. I particularly like stoneware accessories and have a huge collection of vases!!"

Photos courtesy of @mypetitenewbuild

What paints do you enjoy using?

"I discovered Brewers a couple of years ago when buying paint for my renovation project. I made use of the colour matching service and particularly liked the Johnstone’s trade paint. The quality was fantastic, and I only needed to use one coat!"

Photos courtesy of @mypetitenewbuild

What projects do you have coming up next?

"I have just finished creating a DIY colour block arch which was fun, and I am now looking at what I can do with my master bedroom. I have some lovely Scandinavian style oak furniture which I want to compliment so I am currently deciding on a colour scheme."

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