Hygienic painting protection

June 21st, 2016

Biosan contains the unique antibacterial agent Bactron.
Biosan contains the unique antibacterial agent Bactron.

Paint can do far more than fill a space with colour, paint also provides a protective barrier between the outside environment and the substrate. Brewers have the knowledge and professional expertise to offer an outstanding array of protective coatings and high performance paint products, which not only give a fantastic finish but also have properties to help safeguard against a variety of environmental influences.

Hygienic protective coatings are vital in medical and laboratory settings and in environments where food is manufactured, prepared and consumed.

Hygiene management (meticulous cleaning and hand washing) is the primary key to infection control, helping keep people safe in environments where infection would otherwise have the potential to easily spread. Laboratories and manufacturing environments

need to avoid contamination of their products, especially in medical research and food production. Brewers have a range of options which help fight the spread of bacteria and provide a barrier against contamination.

Paints with an active antibacterial additive are a significant aid to fighting bacteria like E.coli 0157, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella sp., and MRSA amongst others.

Biosan is the ideal solution for hygiene maintenance.
Biosan is the ideal solution for hygiene maintenance.

Rust-Oleum Mathys Biosan contains the unique antibacterial agent Bactron which surrounds and partly penetrates the resin and pigments. Bactron has an affinity for the polymer, yet remains able to diffuse evenly throughout the coating.

Where surfaces are subject to severe wear or vigorous cleaning, the antibacterial properties of Biosan are constantly replenished, providing on-going protection against the harmful effects of bacteria throughout the normal service life of the coating.

Biosan with Bactron supported by good housekeeping practices, is the ideal solution for the maintenance of a hygienic environment in areas where cleanliness is of 

utmost importance, e.g. hospitals, food processing plants, kitchens, dairies, breweries, abattoirs, leisure centres and schools.

The highly experienced Brewers team can help accurately assess your project and the condition of your substrates, their potential for preparation and the environmental conditions they will be exposed to.

A visit to your site will help Brewers identify the most cost-effective approach in terms of combined labour and materials costs for your specific project. To arrange a free site survey, call Brewers on 0845 504 5040 or e-mail pc@brewers.co.uk