Introducing Little Greene’s ‘Stone’ Collection

February 8th, 2021

Nether Red 315 and French Grey - Dark 163
Nether Red 315 and French Grey - Dark 163

In January 2021 we saw the launch of Little Greene’s collection ‘Stone,’ a coordinated collection of 36 natural colours comprising 22 new additions to the Little Greene palette together with 14 shades which have been judiciously selected from the Little Greene archives. Each of these colours in the Stone palette are available in the full range of Little Greene interior and exterior paint finishes, meaning your imagination can run wild. The collection brings together the harmonious palette of colours that can be featured in an array of spaces.

The contents of the collection has been divided into six areas, each based on naturally occurring pigments; Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. Within the colour selection, eleven of the new colours included in the collection have originated from Little Greene’s ongoing colour research across the portfolio of properties in the National Trust’s care, continuing the cataloguing of original colours from key periods of interior design. Cataloguing has taken place to reflect the original colours and the key periods of interior design. Readings for the colours were taken from items and areas such as paint colours, architectural elements, tapestries and stone itself. 

‘This is not about a return to beige or magnolia, it’s about using these new neutrals to create interiors that are smart and inviting.’

Ruth Mottershead
Creative Director at Little Greene

Ruth Mottershead, Little Greene’s Creative Director comments: “ Our households have become our haven, whether working or relaxing we are all spending an increased amount of time at home. We are searching for interiors that are comforting, which is driving the desire to create cocooning, cosy spaces - the colours of stone are indefinably beautiful, so pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul. 

Clare Brown, Head of Brand Licensing for the National Trust adds: “At a time when our own homes have taken on an even greater importance, we are thrilled that our places are once again a source of inspiration and comfort. Little Greene have created another stunning paint range, expertly understanding and respecting the stories of the places behind the colours, as they appreciate the value of caring for these places for future generations.”

Sample pots of this collection are available to order online at and we always recommend trying the colour in the room, paying particular attention during the time of day that the room will be used. Colour cards are also available.