Master craftsman gives Albany paint his backing

January 7th, 2016

Richard Langley
Richard Langley

Seeing is believing, and this statement has never been more true than with the stellar work of decorator extraordinaire and Brewers customer Richard Langley, who uses Albany paints in many of his ventures.

Creating picture perfect designs, Richard is a master craftsman within his field, producing an array of mesmerising pieces from murals and scenery to wallpaper repairs and substrate imitation – in particular creating realistic stone work and marbling.

Originally trained as an interior designer, Richard would employ the best trades people money could buy to complete his projects. In doing so he learnt the craft of decorating from them, as well as how to conduct renovation and refurbishment to an exceptionally high standard. 

A showcase example of Richard’s work can be found in the The Star Inn, Eastbourne, where Richard was commissioned to create a mural as the backdrop to the pub’s stage area.

Using Albany paints bought from Brewers, Richard drew on his ability and skill to trick the eye and created a scene fitting for the classic establishment. In fact so realistic and detailed that glasses have been smashed due to a convincing looking shelf not actually existing, and people walking into the wall believing it to be a passageway!