Creating Drama: Mylands Plays With Paint Colour And Treatments For Spectacular Impact

September 29th, 2021

Mylands, Britain’s oldest family-owned run paint manufacturer and holders of the Royal Warrant, showcases a selection of interesting paint treatments to deliver drama and impact – highlighting the importance that light plays in creating the right atmosphere in our homes.

Customers are continuing to gain confidence with colour and have a more sophisticated understanding of how different paint treatments can really help to define these spaces, and so are opting for more characterful finishes to inject personality and drama to their homes.

Living Room - Maugham White TM No.2 (Walls & Woodwork), Earth Stain Chalk (Floorboards)

Nothing can beat a really cosy, intimate feeling for the more private spaces in our homes, and clever use of light absorbing colours will help bring a sense of quiet calm. Deep blues, greys, reds and even black can create immersive experience, and when used to saturate a room with one tone through painting the woodwork, ceilings and walls (as seen below in the main bedroom painted entirely in Mylands’ Long Acre TM No.102) can help create a cocooning atmosphere. 

Bedroom - Mylands Log Acre TM No.102 (Walls, Ceiling, Woodwork), Earth Stain Chalk (Floorboards)

Continuing the restful yet inviting feel, the use of warm greys and creams, light browns and soft neutrals in entertaining areas to create a sophisticated yet welcoming feeling remains popular. The rich stone colour of Mylands’ Flanders Grey TM No.110 seen in the living room below is sophisticated while remaining calm, the light streaming through the large windows creates an almost reflective surface as you’d see on natural stoneware, while in the evening the colour will softly absorb the light to create an enveloping atmosphere.

Living Room - Flanders Grey TM No.110 (Walls), Maugham White TM No.2 (Woodwork), Earth Stain Chalk (Floorboards)

Practical as well as beautiful, gloss treatments are now being used in high impact schemes inside and outside the home. The reflective finish bounce light around darker spaces to add dimension and interest, while the reflective finish on architectural and design details will ensure that they stand out. Beautiful in any colour, lustrous whites can be used to highlight a detail in a subtle way, and darker shades can be enhanced with an attractive sheen to bring depth and drama to a space.

Here, Mylands uses gloss to help children’s’ bunkbeds feel fresh and exciting while also remaining cosy, while the dreamy blue of the hallway staircase offers a practical as well as visually exciting solution to an often lacklustre, transitional space; as well as bringing interest and feeling pleasing to the touch, a gloss finish is highly durable and can withstand the knocks and wear of high traffic areas. Mylands’ wipeable finish means that even stubborn stains can be easily cleaned.

Children's bedroom - Bedford Square TM No.229 in a Marble Matt finish (Walls), Maritime TM No.236 in a Gloss finish (Bed Internal), Maugham White TM No.2 in a Gloss finish (Bed External)

Contrasting colour with calm can create balance in a home and keeping busy areas a neutral white that will help the light permeate through to darker spaces will also ensure that an interior scheme feels well-considered. Mylands Maugham White TM No.2 creates a serene and traditional atmosphere.

Living Room - Maugham White TM No.2 (Walls & Woodwork), Earth Stain Chalk (Floorboards)

View the Mylands Range Here.

WC - Sinner TM No.238 (Walls)

WC - Covent Garden Floral TM No.270 (Walls), Maugham White TM No.2 (Foreground Walls)

Hallway - Maugham White TM No.2 (Walls), Boathouse TM No.33 in a Gloss finish (Stair, Bannister, Front Door), London Brown TM No.287 (Bannister), Earth Stain - Chalk (Floorboards)

Kitchen - Maugham White TM No.2 (Walls)