Brewers Loughborough to the rescue

September 6th, 2018

Team Loogabarooga selected the Rosebery Community Centre for their NCS (National Citizen Service) project. The team were tasked with assessing the centre and its appeal to the local community and to improve the overall attractiveness of the Centre. 

Starting with £0, the team held a number of fundraising events to raise money to buy resources such as gardening and painting tools. Contact with Brewers Loughborough was initially made for advice and to purchase products so that they could paint the Community Centres’ fence and doors. But the team faced an unexpected setback; the paint for the fence was stolen overnight.

Denis at Brewers Loughborough couldn’t believe that this had happened and kindly donated another batch of paint so that the team could complete their NCS project.

“We were thankful that Brewers could kindly donate some spare paint to us to enable us to finish our project. Without them it would have been difficult to complete what we already started.”

The Environmental Agency joined the team for the last day of the project to help clear up the Community Centres gardens. Colourful flowers were planted around the time capsule to provide a more welcoming entrance to the centre.

NCS is a government backed programme which brings together young people from different backgrounds in outdoor team-building exercises, a residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’, and a community-based social action project.