October event schedule

October 6th, 2016

Two unique events take place this month with our Chiswick store holding their open day whilst our Oxford store will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Plus, we have an abundance of Spray Day and Albany events taking place in October with events scheduled at various locations across our store network.

Spray Days

Put your skills to the test when the Spraystore trailer rolls in to town near you! 

This is the ideal opportunity to try first hand new spray paint techniques and technology which get any job covered in no time! So roll up your sleeves and discover a new era of decorating!

Albany Demo Days

Don't miss this great opportunity to try out Albany paints, brushes and rollers for yourself plus pick up a deal with 10% off Albany products on the day!

View all of our events or check your local store listing for details of events they might be hosting.