Orac’s new Steps for interior perfection

June 21st, 2017

Providing customers with the most current technologies and trends in the world of decorating, Brewers are pleased to be offering the new Steps range from Orac to order.

This range of inspirational, modern cornice mouldings is multi-functional, combining a sleek design in an extremely versatile product.

The Steps series adds value to any interior and can be used in a variety of ways – as a cornice moulding, as a border, integrated with elegant indirect lighting or as a curtain profile to hide curtain rails...all the while giving the illusion of width or height.

Here’s Orac’s advice for using Steps to enhance any interior:

1. Steps as cornice moulding

Install the profile with the largest part on the ceiling and paint the cornice moulding in the same colour as your ceiling. This will make the room seems wider and it add a sleek, modern touch.

2. Steps as border

If you wish to elongate the room, place the largest part of the Steps profile against the wall. Paint the cornice moulding and the ceiling in the same colour, lighter than the wall. This optically elongates the room whilst adding a modern and stylish look to your interior.

3. Steps with indirect LED lighting

Indirect LED lighting is an ideal way to add atmosphere, and elegantly integrating with Steps cornice mouldings C390 and C391 you will create a warm and stylish interior quickly and easily.

4. Steps as curtain profile

Eliminating unattractive curtain rails is extra easy with the sleek Steps cornice moulding. Simply attach the Steps cornice moulding directly to the ceiling; no other systems are required. Just leave some space for the curtain rails and job done!

Get in touch with your local Brewers Decorator Centre to find out more about the range of Orac products available.

Images courtesy of Orac Decor 

The 4 profiles in the series are C390, C391, C392 and C393 as shown below.

Steps C390

Steps C391

Steps C392

Steps C393