Park Paint in Battersea’s towering success

October 9th, 2015

The Tower of Babel stands six foot high and made of 3,000 individual bone china buildings.

Park Paint immortalised at the V&A Museum in London
Park Paint immortalised at the V&A Museum in London
The extensive network of Brewers branches has some intriguing and historical buildings within its portfolio. One of the oldest buildings is Park Paint in Battersea, which has a vivid history, from a blacksmiths to being used as the Royal Naval Club during the war. The branch even boasts being the only shop in London to have particular ornate windows!

Park Paint has been immortalised at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as part of Barnaby Bradford’s The Tower of Babel installation. 

The six foot high exhibit is made of 3000 individual bone china buildings, each depicting a real London shop as photographed by the artist. At its base are derelict shops and builds to London’s exclusive boutiques and galleries at its summit, depicting the biblical Tower of Babel’s attempt to reach heaven.

The exhibit stands tall at the Victoria and Albert Museum until the 1st November 2015 and Brewers are proud to have a branch celebrated in such a elevating way.

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