Proud Decorators: beautiful work with No Added Sugar

May 1st, 2017

Brewers customer No Added Sugar are the focus of the latest #ProudDecorators feature, the work they are commissioned to do results in installations of large scale permanent artwork in the community.

Toni Dickinson and her husband Gordon decided over 16 years ago to set up their own company.  Their desire to make a difference to the lives of youngsters teamed with being professional artists led to the foundation of No Added Sugar.

The couple work with schools and in the community to produce large scale permanent artwork helping participants realise their untapped creative potential!

Predominantly using Dulux vinyl silk, they create beautiful collaborative murals such as this in London school’s library.  This particular piece has over 1000 individually painted butterflies...

Equally as bright and impactful, Summerbreeze, a stunning meadow scene, was painted in Marlborough to brighten up the corridor...

And it’s not just internal artworks that are created, this mural on the exterior of Venturers Academy, Bristol was again painted in Dulux Vinyl Silk and then sealed...

These sculptures can be found at several schools in the Wiltshire area. Painted in 2016, the sculptures and formed and numbered then taken apart so that children can paint the individual blocks before they are re-erected and fixed in their playing fields...

Based in Swindon, but working all over the UK, Toni and Gordon have created and built their own machine to create spin art – borne from the aspiration to give every child a chance to create art regardless of their physical ability.  The machine spins the canvas and splatters the paint to form unique and stunning artworks (below) – you can see one in the background of the picture above.

‘Brewers is a brilliant company to work with.’

Toni Dickinson
Artistic Director

To find out more about No Added Sugar’s work, visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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‘Nothing is too much trouble for the Brewers staff. They really know their stuff and are happy and confident about giving advice.’

Toni Dickinson
Artistic Director