Vibrant welcome from Littlehampton Day Nursery

June 21st, 2016

Littlehampton Day Nursery provides a vibrant welcome
Littlehampton Day Nursery provides a vibrant welcome

A sense of community has always been important to Brewers, and many of the decorator centre’s are involved in a variety of projects and charities both in the UK and abroad.

The Littlehampton Day Nursery situated in the West Sussex seaside town provides an essential service to the local community in providing places for children aged between three month and eight years.

When the project needed a professional product to protect and add vibrancy to wooden fencing, Brewers and trade paint brand Crown opened the gate to a fantastic finish.

The fence which surrounds a ramped walkway leading to the main entrance not only has high footfall (and impact from buggies, prams and all children can throw at it), but also offers a first impression to the centre.

The experts from Brewers and Crown determined that Sadolin Superdec was the perfect choice for the job. Not only will Superdec protect the wood, but due to a great colour range available, really breathe life into the walkway, offering a colourful welcome built to last.