Albany launch innovative new range of brushes and rollers

February 3rd, 2020

To tie in with their 100 year celebration, Albany are bringing out some exciting changes to their brush and roller range, launching this February!

Albany will expand and improve their already highly successful range of products, with a focus on improving sustainability.

“We are working with a progressive manufacturer, who very much aligns with Brewers’ values” said Elaine Christenson, leading the launch “This new partnership will afford us some great opportunities to introduce a number of innovations both now and in the future, and be much more adaptable in building our range for customers.”

Six new brushes introduced

Block, angled, stubby, sash, lining fitch and round fitch brushes join the range. a new dusting brush

A new dusting brush has been introduced – in a unique style not currently offered by other leading brands. 

Fully synthetic brush filaments

The complete range has moved to synthetic filaments, with different types and designs for each brush, meaning there’ll be a brush to suit all customers – even those who still like a natural bristle. 

Improved wallpaper hanging brush design

Filaments are fixed via a loop method rather than traditional resin fixing, meaning it’s more eco-friendly and less likely to lose filaments.

Additional roller sizes and fabrics

Key lines are now available in widths up to 18 inches for contractors, and extra fabric types have been introduced. 

Improved roller frames

An adjustable frame for 12- to 18-inch rollers has been introduced. 

Plastic bearings are fitted to the 9-inch roller frame – making it more durable and less likely to jam or skid in use.  

Deeper roller trays

Designed to hold more. Bespoke liners are also available for the 4-inch and 9-inch trays. 

Bespoke roller handle design

Available on all rollers up to 12 inches, this handle design has soft touch sections for greater comfort in use and is threaded to fix to a suitable extension pole. 

Eco-friendly brush packaging

A number of brushes will now have a closed-wallet laminated card, which is reusable. 

‘Seal and save’ roller packaging 

All rollers will have ‘seal and save’ packaging, a high-quality reusable bag which can be used to store wet rollers between jobs or overnight. 

Reduced plastic on roller sets

There is reduced plastic packaging on roller sets, with products heat sealed on the top rather than fully bagged. 

The full range is available in all Brewers stores from February

Stores will be celebrating the launch with promotions during March and April – watch this space!

‘This new partnership will afford us some great opportunities to introduce a number of innovations both now and in the future’

Elaine Christenson
Category Manager