Discover The New Wallpaper Collection From Albany Inspired By Enchanting Gardens Of England

December 22nd, 2023

Embark on a visual journey that encapsulates the timeless beauty and magical allure of enchanted gardens. From vibrant hues to intricate patterns, this collection will transform any space into a hideaway where the imagination can roam freely.

Calvert Meadows:

Inspired by rural England, this paper depicts the serene beauty of a peaceful countryside in full bloom. 

Available in Teal, Pink, Beige and Blue.

Nicolai Leaf:

This captivating paper captures the vibrant beauty of untamed nature. With large leaf motifs and bold colour blocking, this design transports you to a hidden paradise within the walls of your interior. 

Available in Navy, Multi, Beige and Charcoal.


Immerse yourself into the timeless beauty of this paper, exuding a sense of sophistication and romance. 

Available in Navy, Pink, Blue and Orange.

Eleanora Geo:

Capture the essence of nature's textures with this paper and create a visually captivating look which adds depth and dimension on your walls. 

Available in Teal, Navy, Pink and Beige.

Water Lily:

A captivating paper with elegant water lilies floating gracefully on water giving a serene beauty charm. 

Available in Blue, Beige and Green.


This design evokes a sense of calm with it's layered colouring and brushstrokes, giving the effect of shimmering water of a reflective lake. 

Available in Cream, Green, Blue and Orange.


Bring a sense of tranquility to your interior with this paper featuring trailing leaves creating a soothing and inviting ambience. 

Available in Beige, Blue, Orange and Sage.


Get transported to an idyllic English landscape with this charming floral trail paper where playful and curious birds dance among the blooms. 

Available in Blue, Ochre, Pink and Cream.

Parsons Wood:

Recreate the enchantment of a forgotten garden featuring an abundance of hidden blooms, wildflowers, sprawling ivy vines and foliage. 

Available in Multi, Blue, Yellow and Green.


Inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, this paper brings the essence of an enchanting and mysterious woodland into your interior. 

Available in Beige, Sage, Blue and Charcoal.

Yuste Stripe:

Blend the charm of natural textiles and the rustic elegance of the English countryside with this paper. This design mimics the look of woven fabric creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Available in Sage, Blue, Coral and Cream.

Biderbost Weave:

Inspired by the English countryside, this paper evokes a sense of rustic charm and natural beauty to create a timeless and elegant design. 

Available in Cream, Green, Beige and Teal.