The New Albany House Vinyls Wallpaper Collection Is Now Available!

May 9th, 2024

Albany’s house compilation of the very best vinyl wallpapers from around the world are affordable and dependable wall coverings for every room in the house. Modern, traditional, fun, fresh and contemporary designs have been curated to suit every space and design style.

Leafy and Floral

Anaya Leaf

A lightly textured banana leaf features in an all over jungle design. Delicate linework and multiple tones create depth.

Available in Grey and Green colourways.

Fern Fabulous

A botanical design with a light texture featuring a light surface texture.

Available in Grey and Green colourways.

Floral Stitches

A floral Scandinavian design with a light texture and embroidered detail effect.

Available in Blue and Apricot colourways.

Jungle Silk

A bold, jungle leaf pattern with a faux silk effect background.

Available in Grey and Teal colourways.

Maya Trail

A pretty floral trail design with decorative details in a faux fabric background.

Available in Blue, Sage Green and Dark Green colourways.

Arts Floral

An arts and crafts style design showcasing a beautifully symmetrical, floral design.

Available in Navy, Grey, Sage and Taupe colourways.

Blossom Trail

A pretty all-over blossom design with a fine weave texture.

Available in Sage, Green and Beige colourways.

Clematis Sprig

A small-scale sprig motif with a light texture.

Available in Red, Yellow and Sage/Beige colourways.

Clematis Trail

A classic floral trail with a light texture.

Available in Red, Yellow and Sage/Beige colourways.

Delicate Sprig

A pretty, all-over pattern featuring sprigs of tiny leaves.

Available in Gold, Silver Grey, Beige and Blue colourways.

Dragonfly Garden

A pretty pattern of riverside plants and delicate dragonflies.

Available in Brown and Teal colourways.

Sofia Blossom

An all-over blossom tree design on a paint effect background.

Available in Pink, Green, Gold and Silvery Grey colourways.

Bellagio Floral

An Italian heavyweight vinyl with a subtle textured effect. 

Available in Green, Taupe, Cream Pink and White Silver colourways.

Stripe and Geo

Geo Circle

A retro design featuring a bold, block colour geometric print.

Available in Green and Brown colourways.

Gilded Stripe

A fluted stripe design, reminiscent of wood panelling with a slight sparkle. Lightly textured with a fabric feel.

Available in Silver Grey and Bronze colourways.

Triangle Stripe

A bold, geometric pattern displaying wood and marble materials in diagonal and straight lines for a unique design.

Available in Grey and Brown colourways.

Venezia Stripe

A lightly textured, fine striped design with glitter detailing.

Available in Grey, Natural, Beige, Gold and Blue colourways.

Hexagon Geo

A geometric pattern of hexagons and diamonds, producing an optical illusion.

Available in Black/Gold and White/Silver colourways.

Wave Geo

A textured, weave effect vinyl wallcovering with a geometric vertical wave design. 

Available in Silvery Grey, Beige and White colourways.

Woven Stripe

A weave textured wallcovering with wide stripe pattern and distressed effect/

Available in Sage Green, Silver Grey and Grey colourways.

Embossed Stripes

A striped design with interesting texture and a subtle glitter effect.

Available in Beige, Grey and Dark Grey colourways.


Damask Classic

A classic decorative damask design with a subtly silk texture.

Available in Ivory, Pearl and Cream colourways.

Damask Décor

A distressed, decorative damask pattern with weave texture.

Available in Grey, Silver Grey and Sage colourways.


A pretty, feather damask pattern with light distressing and glitter details.

Available in Navy, Off White, Mineral Blue and Silvery Grey colourways.

Tulip Damask

A textured vinyl wallcovering with a modern intricate tulip damask pattern - with a lace like look and lustre. 

Available in Grey and Cream colourways.

Amara Damask

An elegant large-scale damask design with a subtle texture for added dimension. 

Available in Dark Blue and Cream colourways.

Effects and Plains

Anaya Texture

A lightly textured plain design that co-ordinates beautifully with the Anaya Leaf design.

Available in Cream and Grey colourways.


A beautiful design mimicking a weathered metal patina effect.

Available in Chocolate, Grey, Brown and Silver Grey colourways.

Regency Plain

A textured plain with a folded fabric effect and subtle glitter.

Available in Cream and Gold colourways.

Sofia Plain

A textured plain designed to coordinate with the Sofia Blossom design.

Available in Cream and Ivory colourways.

Textured Plain

A textured plain vinyl wallcovering with a folded fabric effect and glitter detail.

Available in a white colourway.

Wave Texture

A lightly textured co-ordinating plain for the Wave Geo design.

Available in Silver Grey, Beige and White colourways.

Milano Plain

A traditional textured effect vinyl with a hint of glitter.

Available in Cream, Opal White and Silver Grey colourways.

Bellagio Plain

An Italian heavyweight vinyl with a subtle textured effect.

Available in Cream Gold, White Silver, Green and Taupe colourways.

Glitter Plain

A versatile all-over textured design. Featuring a light glitter effect, this wallpaper is ideal for adding some texture and dimension to your space.

Available in Cream/Gold, Silver and Grey colourways.


A delicate all-over marbled design, with a fine glitter effect. 

Available in Cream and Silver colourways.


An all-over plain textured design, with a light glittered effect.

Available in White and Grey colourways.

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