Introduce Texture with Albany Vector

May 2nd, 2023

This collection of printed texture papers showcases natural materials, some with a geometric twist. Update your interior and explore the Albany Vector wallpaper collection.

Banana Leaf

This printed tile consists of strips of waxy banana leaf run together to produce a pleasing stacked pattern.

Available in Brown, Indigo, White and Natural.


A mosaic of well-worn pearlised stones creating a grid of great character. You can almost feel the texture with your eyes. 

Available in Indigo, Natural, Charcoal and Off White.

Combined Plaster

The soft, creamy texture of Yeso plaster, combed to give the otherwise smooth surface substance.

Available in Off White, Emerald, Rust and Gold.

Cork Geo

Metallic outlines of stacked geometric cubes create an optical illusion. The sharpness of the lines is tempered by a soft cork rendered background.

Cork Texture

The soft pitted texture of cork bark, a set of concentric outlines, one enclosing the last, like natures doodle while waiting for Spring.

Available in White, Charcoal, Stone, Terracotta, Sage and Gold.


A colourised print rendition of grasscloth, fabric hand woven from natural plant fibres.

Grasscloth Geo

Follow the weave: a twisting and intertwined series of grasscloth geometric panels; like a parquet floor with the optical illusion of depth. 

Available in Soft Grey, Brown, Indigo, Slate and Natural.

Grasscloth Maze

Set against a grasscloth background is this geometric maze which the eye happily follows, and then back again.

Available in Natural, Straw, Grey, Seafoam and Charcoal.

Marble Tile

Double-square tiles printed with a marble effect. Heavy and bold, with dark rock fault-lines and a fine dusting of heat-created metallic layers.

Painted Hessian

Strips of hessian, a roughly woven, utility fabric are run alongside each other and painted with a chalky basic paint to bring the design together.

Available in Indigo, Off White, Taupe and Charcoal.

Stone Circles

A pleasing sharp-cut stone effect, creating a neat tile with apparent depth.

Available in Warm Taupe, Grey, Charcoal and Stone.

Stone Texture

Roughly polished stone displaying a granular surface running with thin seams of metallics and cracks from impurities in the rock.

Available in Stone, Warm Taupe, Grey and Charcoal.

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