Prepared To Be Wowed By The New Wallpaper Collection From Albany!

October 5th, 2023

We are excited to share with you the latest wallpaper collection from Albany! Bring a sense of "wow" to your interior with this brand-new collection of fun and fantastical designs... From bold colour and metallics to texture and geometrics, you'll be sure to find the perfect addition to your home!


This diverse range of natural and industrial textures are a sure-fire way to add some interest to your walls.

Get the panel look the easy way with Cane Panel and Carved Panel or embrace the industrial feel with Distinctive Rustic Brick, Chevron or White Brick

If you’re looking to bring natural textures into your space, Stag Wood Panel, Birch Trees, Thornton and Distinctive Reclaimed Wood create a really rustic feel, alongside Kirkham which is a classic check design.

For a glamorous texture, go for Distinctive Marble that features a delicate metallic shimmer.

Flora and Fauna:

Introducing flora and fauna inspired designs into your space is a beautiful way to bring the outside in. 

For a modern twist with more of a tropical feel, choose Flamingo, Large Leopard Spot, Lagoon, Lemur, Casa Floral, Eden Leaf, Miniature Florals, Monstera Leaf, Paradise Birds, Sarika or Wonderland.


For a contemporary feel, geometric designs are the way forward. Ceruti Geo is available in a range of modern colour palettes, creating a real pop of colour whilst Miami Tropical Geo adds a glamorous touch with hints of a metallic shimmer. Honeycomb Bee features a delicate trellis design amongst metallic bees for a simple, but beautiful design.

Ceruti Geo.

You can shop the collection online or head into your Local Brewers to order your free samples!