Introducing...Colourful York

May 11th, 2022

Colourful York is a brand-new community project, with Brewers supporting the next phase of the Arts Barge renovation. The Arts Barge is a rescued barge which has undergone a series of restoration works to become a community space for artists and musicians in the heart of York. Since 2013, work has been carried out on the Selby Tony, which was once used to transport animal feed, newsprint and more on the river Ouse.

Brewers have been able to show full support of the Arts Barge project, offering specialist coatings advice and an abundance of free coatings. Specialist Coatings Advisor, Nick Church has been working very closely with the organisers of the project to ensure high performance products meet the needs of the barge:

The primer selected for metal areas of the barge is Rustoleum 769 Damp Proof Primer, as the product offers excellent corrosion protection and is tolerant of small amounts of moisture on the surface which with dew/condensation at this time of year can be a problem. The topcoat chosen is Rustoleum 7500 Alkythane, which again has good corrosion resistance, and can be applied at lower temperatures. It has good opacity and flow with good colour and gloss retention. I have specified previously for narrow boats /barges with good results. For the decks of the barge I have specified Coo-Var Suregrip as this gives a long-lasting decorative finish inside or externally and reduces the slip risk. Additional wooden elements have been recommended Albany Super Primer Undercoat and Albany Super Satin as acrylic should work well with the substrate

All the products required for the barge have been supplied free of charge by Brewers and will continue supporting the project with technical application advice. There will also be a space for local artists to create a beautiful piece of artwork on the side of the barge.

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