Decorator Stories: Paul Hawthorn

August 16th, 2022

Brewers Salisbury regular, Paul Hawthorn is an artist and sculptor who has been mastering his skills since an early age. He finds that Inspiration comes from his environment and his vivid imagination, creating all kinds of beautiful pieces. 

He uses a wide range of mediums including acrylics, and pops into Brewers for Polyvine Acrylic Colourants that provide high colour saturation as they contain high quality acrylic pigments.

Paul also sources natural items such as fallen wood from local Groveley Woods that inspire the mystical side to Paul’s sculptures and imagery, sometimes viewed as being quite deep and thought provoking. 

Commissioned wall art is his favourite obsession though! Using unique hand mixed colours from the Polyvine Colouriser range, along with Polyvine Acrylic Scumble Glaze for techniques when creating wall effects. Scumble Glaze is the ideal varnish for protecting decorative painting and broken colour work.

We asked Paul what his favourite piece he has created is but said: “I have no particular favourite artwork piece, but I find commissions and live wall art venues most rewarding where I can perform stunning compositions.

See more of Paul’s work here: