Sanderson X Disney Home Available Now - The Most Magical Wallpaper And Fabric Collaboration!

November 8th, 2023

Discover a magical collection of fabric and wallpaper, inspired by 100 years of creative history.

In celebration of Disney’s 100th year, Sanderson have delved deep into their archives to sprinkle a touch of magic on a new and enchanting selection of classic fabrics and wallpapers, where Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Snow White bring whimsical dreams to life.

Comprising 14 wallpapers and 12 fabrics in a palette of 25 shades, each colour has been created to retain an archival look, likened to the original archive document. Shades of Puddle Blue, Whipped Cream, Sugared Almond, Macaron Green, Sea Salt and Chocolate bring an elegant, vintage hue to each design. 

See Bambi meander through a Neapolitan woodland or watch as Winnie the Pooh ponders life in Macaron Green. An edit of six weaves is included as elegant pairings for this whimsical collection. Melford Stripe features in six colours, blending beautifully with the dessert-hues of this magical collection of fabrics and wallpapers.

Discover the collection:

101 Dalmatians:

A design celebrating the romance of the Disney movie using original artwork to create a pretty montage of the story - how many puppies can you see? Available in Breeze Blue and Candy Floss.


This is a new design incorporating Bambi and his woodland friends, at play in a whimsical landscape full of flowers and butterflies. Available in Neapolitan, Sea Salt, Chocolate and Sugared Almonds.

Donald Duck Nautical:

A new design incorporating elements from the original Disney Donald Duck with his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie sailing on a choppy sea with seagulls and sharks! Available in Sea Salt and Night Fishing.

Hundred Acre Wood:

A digital wallpaper design with a hand drawn effect map of 100 Acre wood featuring Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and all their friends for a charming design. Available in Cashew.

Mickey – Stripe:

Recreating some of Disney's classic Mickey Mouse poses, this design is set against a classic stripe design. Available in Peanut, Humbug and Sea Salt.

Mickey & Minnie:

Based on an archive Sanderson design from 1934, this ditsy floral filled design show the frolics of Mickey and  Minnie Mouse. Available in Bonbon Blue, Gumball Green and Allsorts.

Mickey & Minnie – At the Farm:

Based on a 1928 Sanderson design from the archive, Mickey and Minnie can be seen at work in the countryside. Available in Butterscotch.

Minnie – On the Move:

Inspired by a wall sticker from the Sanderson archive, Minnie can be seen jetting off on her travels in her open top car. Available in Sherbet, Babyccino and Candy Floss

Snow White:

Inspired by a 1938 Sanderson archive design, this all over design incorporates scene from the very first feature length animated film showcasing an authentic storybook style. Available in Whipped Cream and Puddle Blue

Winnie the Pooh – Toile:

Inspired by original Winnie the Pooh illustrations, rediscover the magic that can be found in 100 acre wood with the beloved characters playing amongst woodland. Available in Bonbon Blue and Macaron Green.

Alice in Wonderland:

Using original artwork from the 1951 animated classic, this design features the iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland celebrating a very merry unbirthday and a spot of croquet. Available in Gumball Green, Puddle Blue, Hundreds & Thousands and Chocolate.


Celebrating a classic from Disney’s Golden Age of animation, this design showcases Dumbo and his fellow acts in a delightfully vintage circus scene. Available in Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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