All aboard the Dorset Bus Shelter

September 27th, 2017

A community group in Weymouth have set up the Bus Shelter Dorset project with the aim to end the need to sleep rough in the area.

The group have been raising money to buy, renovate and run a double Decker bus to provide homeless people in the town and surrounding areas with somewhere safe to stay – a move which comes after a public meeting revealed three people died on the streets of Weymouth in 2026 and that the number of rough sleepers in the area has doubled over a 5 year period.

The mobile shelter will provide 18 beds on the top floor of the bus; with toilets, a changing room, wood burner and kitchen area amongst the other facilities available. The shelter will also provide a PO box so that those who use the services can apply for work, register with a GP and work towards getting their life back on track.

A double Decker has been donated and renovation is complete! The community group have estimated that the running costs are £1,500 a month which emphasises how important volunteers and additional donations are welcomed. Luckily our Weymouth branch stepped up to the mark and has been providing paints, brushes and rollers to the project.

The group are now campaigning for Weymouth and Portland Borough full council to agree to find a place to park the bus. Find out more about the campaign here.