Creating 5 Star Accommodation for Adorable Ducklings

April 7th, 2023

Brewers donated 14L of Sadolin Superdec and some sundries to help create the best duck hotel for Oaks Primary Academy.

Carpenter, Sean Brown, wanted to find a way to give back to his daughters’ school…and when he found out the school adopted some ducklings, he knew exactly how to help! Student, Gracie, designed a colourful house for the ducks to nest in and Sean wanted to bring her vision to life. 

Sean’s incredible carpentry skills can be seen in this amazing structure and he spent hours researching the best materials for the ducks. Sean reached out to us on social media to see if we could help with the rainbow element of Gracie’s design and of course we could deliver!

A variety of rainbow colours were donated to create the colourful stripes that had been designed. Sean and his apprentice worked hard to create the structure and got the children involved with the build.

The ducklings have officially moved in and are settling into their brand-new home just in time for Easter!