We Won! Family Business of the Year Awards 2022

June 23rd, 2022

We are very proud to announce that Brewers Decorator Centres were awarded Homes and Gardens Family Business of the Year at the Family Business of the Year Awards 2022! The company’s family culture and commitment to supporting local communities and charitable organisations were just some of the reasons Brewers were selected.

We were also runners up in the London and South East People's Choice Award, London and South East Family Business of the Year Award and 6th place in the National People's Choice Award. We'd like to thank all of our customers who voted for us.

Family businesses from across the UK gathered to celebrate family companies and the contribution they make to the business community and the UK economy at the National Family Business of the Year Awards (‘FBOTY’).

Neal Brewer, Director said “The past two years have been tough on the whole of humankind: Families have been separated and businesses decimated across the planet. But the second anniversary of UK Lockdown 1 (23rd March) gives me hope and confidence in the future. It is in times of adversity that the ineluctable twin values of family and community show their true strength and value.

I am proud of the resilience shown by our teams and their fortitude in coping in adversity; supporting each other and in turn being supported by the family and team at the centre.

We have all had to learn new skill and ways of operating: We are now all completely familiar with Zoom meetings and with online grocery ordering. In the business we have learnt to operate in a distanced, but still collaborative and supportive fashion, looking out for one another’s physical and mental wellbeing in a way that we perhaps didn’t quite before.

Together we have weathered the storm and the Company is in robust strength prepared for the challenge of a sustained period of growth.

There is truth in the saw: ‘Do not wait for the storm to pass; learn to dance in the rain.’’

There are over 6 million family firms in the UK today and they have a massive impact, through the jobs they create, the income they provide and the wealth they create, not to mention their impact on the communities in which they operate.  These awards, organised by Family Business United are just one of many organisations who recognise and celebrate the importance of family firms across the UK, irrespective of age, size, or sector. As Paul Andrews, Founder of Family Business United, organisers of the awards, adds: “This is a campaign that celebrates firms that are at the heart of the UK economy and the focal point of many towns and villages across the UK.  Family firms have a story to tell and make a significant contribution and they deserve to be celebrated too.  Each year the awards discover amazing businesses doing incredible things and this year is no different.”

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