A Work of Art...on a Garage!

April 18th, 2023

Richard Early decided to revamp his garage door and what a masterpiece he has created! Inspired by his favourite artist, Bob Ross, Richard decided to swap the sketchbook for a completely unique canvas and popped into Brewers to ensure he was using the best products for the job.

By day, Richard runs Recreative Signs Ltd, in Portslade near Brighton. They produce vinyl graphics for signs, vans and shop fascia signs using various materials and a combination of printed and machine cut self-adhesive vinyl graphics. During his free time, Richard normally loves creating much smaller landscape oil paintings on 30cm x 40cm sized canvas paper for fun as it’s a hobby he really enjoys. Richard’s main source of inspiration is from the late Bob Ross who used to have a TV series, "The Joy of Painting”.

The garage door was due a repaint and Richard thought rather than just preparing and repainting with coat of dark blue paint…why not try a landscape mural painting on it! Richard asked for some advice in Brewers Hove who suggested he uses water based Sadolin Superdec. This allowed Richard to mix the shades and gradually build up layers within the piece.

I am not an artist, but I do like to dabble at doing oil paintings for my own pleasure as it is a great way to relax. This is certainly a larger scale than I have done before. Most of the oil paintings I do on canvas take me around 3-4 hours. The garage door took a little longer, I would say it was about 16 hours which was over several days. 

This was done in stages partly to allow for drying time so the layers could be built up and working around my day job. The Sadolin Superdec paint was great to use, and I am so glad Karen at my local Brewers branch guided me into using it. 

I think my garage door has certainly got some curb appeal. I have already had several neighbours pop round to look as they didn’t know I like to dabble with paint!

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