Brand New to Brewers: Gori Woodcare

April 6th, 2023

With the best brands available at Brewers, here are two great new products in our woodcare range from GORI Professional, the Scandinavian wood experts.

GORI was founded in 1902 at Kolding in Denmark. Over the last 120 years, it has established a strong reputation as a brand of premium woodcare products which is why they are proud to call themselves the Scandinavian Woodcare Experts! GORI is a PPG brand which is now available in the UK. 

99 Extreme and 88 Compact are innovative wood treatments that offer either an opaque finish (ideal for colour changes!) or a translucent stain which enhances the natural structure of the wood. 

Both products contain slow-release protection which ensures the active agents that protect the surface film are only released when necessary - e.g. in humid conditions. When the climate is dry, the active agents will remain dormant in the product.

99 Extreme:

A water-based finish for exterior use, penetrating deep into the wood to protect against mould and fungus growth for up to 15 years. Water repellent, UV-resisting and extremely opaque.

88 Compact:

A solvent-based, transparent wood protection for use on windows, doors and cladding, resisting UV-rays, fungi and mould with slow-release protection and up to eight years’ life.

Now available online or in your local Brewers.