Stories Behind The Art: A Dedication

June 5th, 2019

The third half hexagon on the Brandon Estate mural wall is a dedication from the artists, Jack and Tom, to one of the helpers and a student who helped work on the wall. The helper was from Women Make Art Group, a part of CoolTan Arts charity. 

Women Make Art are an awards winning arts and mental health charity run by and for adults with experience of mental health conditions. They believe that art and expression through the medium have incredible positive impacts on mental health and meet every week at BeeUrban, the charity behind the wall transformation, to discuss and build on these thoughts. 

It depicts a young student kicking a football into the mouth of a hungry looking T-Rex as the pair share an afternoon kickabout in Kennington Park. 

The student, who is the footballer in the painting, is a year three boy from the local school who helped out almost every day on the wall. The local school lad from John Ruskin, loved to spend his time helping give back to the community by getting fully immersed in the mural painting. He was also no stranger to darting off to quickly play a game of football with his friends in the park. 

Be it a T-Rex or a goal, there’s no denying his passion!