Stories Behind The Art: Two Budding Artists

June 26th, 2019

This half hexagon focuses on those who made the wall possible. The artists, Jack and Tom, chose this mural to paint their own images onto the wall to demonstrate the pride they have in the community and the joy that the designing and painting brought them. 

With their shadows stretched out before them, they stand side by side, marvelling at the work that has finally come to fruition. It is an interesting dynamic as the wall itself is featured in their mural design! It is a world within a world, within a world, within a world… 

Before them are a handful of hard-working volunteers who work tirelessly on the mural, cementing the feeling of togetherness that the wall gives to the locals. 

Situated behind the tireless locals is the Brandon Estate. It stands tall and proud, a symbol of the community that has been brought together by this project and a reminder of what everyone has worked so hard to achieve.

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