South American Art Brought To Life In Stockport

September 22nd, 2023

Brewers Stockport have been supporting a fabulous project that has brought a vibrant and colourful flavour of South America to a neglected part of their town.

At the beginning of September, a group of five artists from Argentina travelled to Stockport to join with 12 local artists and 100 local residents to spend 10 days transforming a blank wall into a stunning mural.

The artists come from the La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires which used to be a crumbling and rundown area but is now a popular tourist destination due to its bright colourful houses and streets.

Before and after.

The La Boca to La Stocka project, which has been described as the ‘most exciting artistic event’ to take place in the borough, comes from John and Sophie Macaulay, the husband-and-wife team behind GRIT Studios and Art Battle Manchester.

‘We love the story of what artists were able to do in La Boca,’ Sophie says. ‘It was a forgotten place, the buildings were crumbling, yet people were determined that their children should experience the influence of art and culture. Today, La Boca has become a must-see destination, so we wondered if we could so the same for our little bit of the world.

Branch Manager, Mike Ablott said: ‘We had previously donated paints and materials to a local artist who did a couple of murals in Manchester.’

So when GRIT studios approached me with a similar project, we were really happy to provide some fungicidal wash, rollers, brushes and Albany Masonry paint.

Sophie told Mike: ‘Honestly, you have been absolutely amazing. It’s wonderful how you “get” what the street art community are trying to do and support that. Not everyone does. So grateful to you and Brewers!