Make a Lasting Impression with Lincrusta

November 23rd, 2021

Brewers are proud to be the official UK distributor of Lincrusta. Distinctive and defining, there is no other wallcovering quite as unique or luxurious as Lincrusta.

Manufactured in England since 1877, Lincrusta have created a lasting impression across the globe due to long standing skills and craft. Lincrusta’s products are still exclusively manufactured in the UK, continuing to enhance the interiors of the most desirable locations worldwide.

The product was created by Frederick Walton, appealing to Victorian tastes due to its practicality, durability and beauty over traditional painstaking artisan plasterwork. Lincrusta has even featured in the White House and The Titanic.

From the beginning, Lincrusta’s wallcoverings have never needed much improvement, with many of the original rollers still in use today to emboss their distinctive designs, and still using the same natural materials from over a century ago. Every roll is individually inspected and dated to ensure perfection.

From beautiful homes to luxury boutique hotels, Lincrusta takes these spaces and transforms them into a whole new level of luxury and sophistication. Timeless designs means that Lincrusta wallcoverings work exceptionally well in both modern and traditional interiors, creating a beautiful backdrop to a room. The sculptural wallcoverings can also be painted to any colour, adding more luxury and sophistication to the space. Combine Lincrusta with paint effects to add even more impact to the design.

Lincrusta’s designs are inspired by a range of sources including, classical architecture, the beauty of nature and key periods in history from the Renaissance to the Edwardian Era. Recently, Lincrusta has added three new contemporary patterns, combining current trends with Lincrusta’s 140-year history to create authentically stylish settings.

Lincrusta and Antiques Roadshow

"We were delighted with our Factory’s appearance last week on Celebrity Antique Road Trip, with the opening credits heralding Lincrusta – A GENIUS material. Our very own Andy Sarson, production manager told Pauline McClynn and Phil Serrell all about this Victorian invention, showed them the stunning rollers, that give Lincrusta its unique deep emboss and instructed them in how to install."