New To Brewers! MAXVAC Dust Blockers

October 25th, 2023

With more and more decorators entering the spray and dustless sanding market, we are excited to offer a brand-new range of air scrubbers – the first major decorator’s merchant in the UK to do so!

Dust in the air is a huge issue for tradespeople as it often escapes into the air and without the right protection, into their lungs, causing major health implications. MAXVAC’s range of air scrubbers are specifically designed to tackle this problem, creating a safer environment for people to work in.

The MAXVAC brand was born in Switzerland to provide maximum performance equipment to deal with dust management and environmental cleaning solutions.

With over 40 years of experience successfully managing dust, MAXVAC are extremely passionate about providing environmental and ecological cleaning solutions for a clean and healthy environment. 

The MAXVAC Air Scrubbers are perfect for those who are spray painting, sanding, carpentry work, plastering and more.

More about Air Scrubbers:

Effectively eliminates unseen dust in working environments with innovative technology.

The units are designed to be run 24/7 so can be used while on the job and overnight whilst also being extremely energy efficient.

Protects the health of tradespeople.

Expertly designed to use minimal space.

The MAXVAC Dust Blockers are now available on or available to order in your local store.