Supporting Local Artist with the Best Paint Advice

March 21st, 2023

Painter, photographer and journalist Victoria Wilcox was on the hunt for the best supplier of paint to support her latest project with Mickleover FC. Luckily, she popped into Brewers in Derby who were able to give her the best advice for the right products to use. We got in touch with Victoria to find out more about her current project.

It’s so lovely to meet you Victoria! How long have you been a painter for?

I've been running my business for 5 years but an artist all my life. I have only started doing larger scale work in the past three years... and I am getting enquiries to get bigger and bigger all the time.

Sounds exciting! How did you get involved with creating a mural for Mickleover FC?

Don Amott asked me to work with him on filling the space for his VIPs on match days and it's also used as a training academy for young promising footballers. 

He wanted something inspiring for the space that would reflect the passion of the club. When we unveiled it, I went along to a match and legendary footballer Archie Gemmill told me how impressed he was (I wasn't aware it was him, when he spoke to me - only afterwards!).

It looks fantastic, I’m not surprised it’s had such a great response! What paints did you use for the mural?

One Can by Bradite was really important because the walls are metal, they are brand new and it was a must to use something that would adhere to the surface. 

In usual mural work, the surface might be something to use primer on first and acrylic - but in this case the One Can was crucial. Brewers Derby mixed the exact football club colour for the parts where we added accents to the design - it was so great that the team in Brewers were able to mix what I needed, help me with questions and talk about the products with me.

So glad we were able to help! What’s your next project?

It's a horse mural for a former stable space at an animal charity, where they help people struggling with mental health. 

The design needed to tell a story about the founders, the ethos of the project and I am surprising the owners by giving the horse's nose the actual markings of a horse that saved her life some years back!

Sounds great! I can’t wait to see some pictures. 

If you would like to follow along with Victoria’s work, head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.