New – The Emery Walker’s House Collection from Morris & Co.

March 27th, 2023

Inspired by the love between friends and the legacy of a truly historic home, the new collection of wallpapers and fabrics from Morris & Co. features 4 new and 6 re-introduced designs. 

Sir Emery Walker was a collaborator, comrade, friend and neighbour to the iconic arts & crafts designer, William Morris. This creative relationship left an indelible mark on Walker’s residence, 7 Hammersmith Terrace, which is now one of the largest collections of original Morris & Co. designs displayed in situ anywhere in the world.

Taking the lead from the house’s rich store of Morris & Co. patterns, Morris & Co. have translated 6 designs long since out of production, often in their original colourways. They have also created 4 brand-new designs respond creatively to the many stories told by 7 Hammersmith Terrace.

Discover Morris & Co.’s debut paint range online too! Matching perfectly with the collection of Morris & Co. wallpapers, every colour has been carefully curated, taking direct inspiration from original William Morris designs.

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Emery’s Willow

Inspired by a wallpaper design hung in the drawing room of Sir Emery Walker. 

Emery’s Willow features unmistakable bubble-like shapes as a backdrop, introducing an element of play to this 1874 design. In the foreground the willow tree, with its delicately entwining branches and curling leaves, brings a recognisable and vibrant style to a signature design.

Available in Herball, Citrus Stone, Chrysanthemum and Emery Blue.


Inspired by an 1878 tapestry created by William Morris which was discovered in his own drawing room in Kelmscott House.

Translated on to wallpaper for the first time, Bird is a serene pattern of paired birds alternating between perching and flight with bursts of saturated colour, making an incredibly striking addition to any wall.

Available in Boughs Green, Wooded Dell, Madder and Webbs Blue.


Influenced by William Morris’ woodcuts designed in 1877 as a tribute to the forest walks and flowers he adored.

A densely packed design filled with floral delight. Bower returns to the Morris & Co. collection for the first time after many years, echoing the beautiful garden lovingly maintained by Dorothy Walker.

Available in Boughs Green/Rose, Herball/Weld and Indigo/Barbed Berry.


Designed by J.H. Dearle in 1900 who trained under William Morris as his tapestry apprentice.

With gallant seedheads and miniature flowers, the design is connected by swirling foliage arranged in a classically Dearle style.

Available in Sunflower, Herball and Dearle Blue.


A wallpaper design created in 1890 by William Morris.

Trailing acanthus leaves foreground tenderly rendered wallflowers, creating a pattern of enormous energy and vitality. Dark spots add texture and depth whilst the bright and fresh foliage introduces a sculptural quality.

Available in Mumintons Stem, Chrysanthemum and Woad Blue.

The Beauty of Life

Named after a lecture conducted by William Morris, The Beauty of Life has now been immortalised in wallpaper. The lettering is inspired by William Morris’s own book-printing press, The Kelmscott Press. This was a feat he realised with the unwavering support and guidance of expert typographer, Sir Emery Walker.

The high-drama wallpaper, ornamented with quintessentially Morris motifs; scrolling foliage, chattering birds and beautiful script inspired by his own Kelmscott Press. Please note, this design is wide width.

Available in Indigo and Sunflower.


This is the first time this pattern created by William Morris has been translated to wallpaper. Borage is a perfect example of William Morris drawing ideas from the natural world to decorate interiors.

The spirited floral patterns with multiple planes of symmetry lend the eye many pleasing resting points. Adorned by bees and other pollinators. Please note: the actual pattern repeat is 13cm.

Available in Sunflower, Inky Fingers, Leafy Arbour and Red House.

Rambling Rose

An icon in British landscapes, the rose was a favourite of William Morris as he would regularly use them in his tapestry and poetry work.

This design showcases the British rose that can be found across the countryside from cottage gardens to forest walks. The design proudly features roses twisting and turning amongst their leaves and thorned stems. 

Available in Emery Blue/Spring Thicket, Twining Vine and Leafy Arbour/Pearwood.


Originating as a textile from 1888, Trent was Morris & Co.’s most expensive printed textile which has now been translated into wallpaper.

An impactful floral design, created with oversized flowerhead motifs set against rich grounds of teal or deeper blues. Please note: this design is sold by the metre.

Available in Teal and Wandle.

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