New Wallpaper from Albany! Jameela is Available NOW

August 14th, 2023

Inspired by international artisans, this collection of brand-new wallpapers is reminiscent of handwoven textiles, painted ceramics and embellished patterns. Showcasing beading, flock and Italian vinyl, the brand-new collection is stylish, versatile and PVC free!


Inspired by an embroidered scene of Japanese gardens the design features tall reeds and lush trees with a metallic lustre. Available in Dove, Blue, Gold and Khaki colourways.


This design is flooded with movement with linear archways in a gentle shimmering lustre. Available in Neutral, Blue, Khaki, Maroon and Ochre colourways.


The design is filled with thick and lucious jungle leaves in a rustic, textured effect. Available in Emerald Green, Charcoal and Navy colourways.


This ornate tiger design showcases a traditional, bohemian art style in contemporary colour palettes. Available in Maroon, Burnt Orange, Khaki and Taupe colourways.


A distressed, tactile surface with metallic accents makes for a modern and sophisticated design. Available in Teal/Navy, Burnt Orange/Charcoal, Emerald Green, Maroon/Khaki and Taupe colourways.

Aoraki Bead

Zig zag glass beading has been laid over the top of rectangles for a geometric design. Available in Taupe/Grey and Blue colourways.

Horizon Bead

Inspired by hazy morning skies over misty waters, this design also features metallic highlights underneath glass beading. Available in Dove, Neutral and Sage colourways.

Tahini Bead

A bold paisley design resembles an authentic tapestry layered underneath zig zag glass beading. Available in Burnt Orange and Blue Colourways.

Brindle Bead

Soft metallic highlights and a design resembling embellished cross-hatched fabrics is covered with luxury glass bead. Available in Grey/Silver and Taupe/Gold colourways.

Brindle Flock

A distressed flock texture brings together natural and organic elements. Velvety fibres and glimmering metallic details make for a unique design. Available in Black and Teal colourways.


A contemporary and abstract design depicting arches, diamonds and other geometric designs. Available in Beige/Cream and Khaki/Orange colourways.

Bambara Texture

Mimicking the effect of grasscloth, this all over design features a monochrome palette with shimmering accents. Available in White and Grey colourways.


An all over plain, featuring a subtle concrete texture. Available in a Grey colourway.

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