Paint & Paper Library Launch New Colour Card

September 12th, 2022

Paint & Paper Library launch new shades, new families of colour and revolutionary self-priming formulations that will transform how we decorate.

The new colour card features nine new additions and three new ‘Architectural’ families of colour alongside eight shades revived from the Paint & Paper Library archive. 

This collection will transform how we decorate, allowing designers and homeowners alike complete control of where and how they use colour." 

"The self-priming and durable nature of these formulations means our entire range of colours can be used on virtually any surface." 

"Those motivated by the beautiful interplay of light on a matt surface can use Architects’ Matt Emulsion across walls, woodwork, radiators and tiles, this stunning matt finish is as effective and hard wearing on woodwork as a conventional, higher sheen paint."

"The range of finishes, from the chalky ‘Pure Flat’ matt, to the higher sheen Architects’ Satinwood and now water-based gloss, offers the opportunity to really play with sheen levels and their effect on colour.

Andy Greenall, Head of Design.