Proud Decorators: Magnificent murals

June 11th, 2018

Paul Henderson has a real passion for hand painted murals. His company, A Brush with Fate, carries out all aspects of decorating but Paul particularly enjoys creating art work in the form of murals.

‘I’ve always been interested in art from a young age and find that decorating and art work well together’

Paul was approached by a local gym to commission 10 separate murals to represent the 10 pillars of fitness in a marvel comic style. Each character took around a day to complete using Johnstone’s colours supplied by Decorators Warehouse Hailsham.

Paul's talents don't end there, oh no! He has also created a whole range of murals ranging from lego to pirates, bowling to Roald Dahl and everything in between. 

Scroll through other examples of Paul's work below!