Serving the Community Through Murals

November 11th, 2021

Brewers Hull customer, Emma Garness has always had a career in the arts from bouncy castle artist, kitchen designer, illustrator, and scenic painter before moving into muralism and street art. “I really enjoy going large scale and through time spent on big set painting it makes sense to me. My street art/murals really resonate because it’s such a wonderful way for everyone to see something creative without going to a gallery, its more accessible. Also, to be painting outside and having those conversations with passing people is good.” Explains Emma. 

I love paint, it’s so versatile, mixing them up, watering down, layering up. The most recent paints I’ve been using are Zinsser All Coat as I needed paint that was durable on steel bridges, they were easy to dilute and good colours, they were recommended by Phil in Brewers Hull store. I’ve been going to Brewers in Hull as they are good with advice, knowledge and service, from last minute orders to helping out with community mural purchases.” Added Emma. 

Emma has collaborated with many members of the community to create a vast array of murals across Yorkshire, covering a range of different themes and ideas to represent the people and environment they live in. When asked what Emma’s favourite mural has been so far, she said “It was a commission by Network Rail on a footbridge next to York Hospital, it was during the second lockdown and I made a design to celebrate the NHS and York Hospital workers, I made contact with the Hospital and they kindly gave me two portraits of their staff to use, both of which were fourth generation care workers. I also took references from my own mother’s nurse belt buckle, and plants that are still used for making medicine. As you can imagine there wasn’t one negative word spoken when I was painting by the local community.”

We were in awe when we saw Emma's incredible work and we cannot wait to see what’s next! See more of her work here.

Footbridge in Harrogate, commissioned by Network Rail and Volunteen

Railway footbridge in Love Lane, York in collaboration with Network Rail and Volunteen

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