Sunderland Support Student Trip to Lesotho

December 15th, 2018

When Lucy Bewick approached our Sunderland store for help with fundraising for her trip to South Africa, store manager Andrew was delighted to get involved.

Lucy and twelve other students from Venerable Bede Academy, Ryhope in Sunderland are heading out to Lesotho, South Africa in February 2019.

With a vast number of the population living below the poverty line and over 20% of the adult population living with HIV the country has seen the highest global number of children orphaned to the disease.

Lucy and her peers will be working with these orphaned children during the 2 weeks they are there and part of their work will involve painting the local school.

The students are actively fundraising by arranging all number of events and activities including band evenings, race nights, bag packing in local supermarkets and a Christmas raffle.

Andrew and his team put together a donation of easy to transport supplies, including paint brushes, t-shirts and baseball caps to assist their work out in Lesotho whilst also providing a prize for their Christmas raffle.

Here’s Lucy at our Sunderland store with Andrew collecting the supplies – more pictures to follow in 2019 when the students return!