Supporting Hastings Pride with a Rainbow of Colour

September 10th, 2021

Brewers donated Albany paint to St Michael’s hospice as they wanted to redecorate their benches to reflect their support for Hastings Pride.

Benches in the beautiful grounds of St Michael’s hospice were painted in Red Letter, Swansbill, Pollen, Wimbledon, Blue Bayo and Blissful Blush; ready for people who would like a chat with family, friends and colleagues, or a moment of quiet contemplation. 

St Michael’s Hospice is dedicated in supporting the community of Hastings and Rother to live well with dying, death and loss through a range of services the hospice provides. 

The benches were decorated just in time for Hastings’ pride weekend, where the hospice also took part in the parade and could be seen showing their support at The Oval, an outdoor venue in the heart of Hastings to celebrate diversity.

"The Hospice is proud to be an inclusive organisation and to uphold the philosophy and vision of Dame Cicely Saunders (regarded as the founder of the modern hospice movement) who said, “You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life”. This is not dependent on someone’s gender, ethnicity, sexuality or any other characteristics. As well as celebrating diversity, Pride is about acceptance, equality and challenging fear and discrimination; these are values that the Hospice shares. So, our engagement in Pride, was a deliberate intention to engage with our community to demonstrate that St Michael’s Hospice’s support and care is available to everyone. We also wanted to emphasise our commitment to inclusivity to our diverse workforce, who provide high-quality care and support to patients and their families."

Karen Clarke, St Michael's Hospice

Brewers were also very proud to sponsor Hastings Pride, which took place last month with the theme ‘Love and Pride: Back to the 80s’ with a range of performances, parades and fun! The theme of 80s was chosen to reflect on the decade as a time of struggle with the fight for equal rights and how this is still felt today. 

Through continued solidarity, support and celebration, Hastings Pride 2021 is an event to remember, and we look forward to Hastings Pride 2022!