Supporting Starbeck in Bloom

June 6th, 2023

Brewers Harrogate were thrilled to support Starbeck in Bloom’s latest project with brushes and sundries to paint 6 tree cages on the high street which was a long overdue job!

Starbeck in Bloom was established in 1998, marking their 25th Anniversary this year. They aim to improve the local area for the benefit of the local community by maintaining a number of planters and flower beds to make Starbeck more attractive. They also keep the area clean and tidy by litter-picking, weeding and washing. 

The project also received help from a local company, Pemco, who were looking for an opportunity to contribute to the local community and this seemed the ideal job for them.

The team used Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint in smooth blue, providing a tough, durable, high sheen finish which provides great resistance against knocking and scuffing.

Brewers Harrogate are looking forward to supporting Starbeck in Bloom with future projects!