Supporting Surrey Care Trust

September 15th, 2022

Brewers President, Mr Chris Brewer has been supporting Surrey Care Trust for a number of years.

Mr Chris Brewer has recently supported the renaming of two community boats whose volunteer crews provide a range of activities to help vulnerable people access the waterways and improve their wellbeing. 

Mr Chris Brewer, Dave Mouring and Surrey Care Trust CEO John Downing at the renaming ceremony.

Over the past 20 years, the boats have worked with over 20,000 people providing respite from their troubles, opportunities to learn new skills, and offer the chance to experience something new – all the work is truly life changing!

The names of the boats Tranquility and Endeavour better reflect the types of activities each boat can offer. Tranquility offers wellbeing trips and skills training to everyone, including those with limited mobility. Endeavour’s crews take on environmental conservation to maintain, protect our delicate ecosystems and contribute to the community.

Last week, Mr Chris Brewer and local Area Development Manager Dave Mouring attended the renaming ceremony, in which the sun came out to say hello long enough for the boats to be sprinkled in some fizz.