Talking Art with Josie!

June 29th, 2023

Brewers Cheltenham Branch Manager, Josie Moss, has shared with us some of her incredible artwork and how a product from Brewers has led to some amazing results!

How did you get into painting?

It’s a great escape for your mind – you get to put all your thoughts and feelings from your everyday stresses and strains onto a canvas to create something wonderful.

I’ve only recently started playing with acrylic pouring. I bought my mum an acrylic pouring set for Christmas last year and we decided on Mother’s Day this year to start experimenting with colours, canvases and different mediums. We used silicon oil to begin with, but it was difficult to work with and took longer for the canvases to dry. 

What a lovely present! What did you use instead to get the right results?

I experimented with Owatrol Floetrol and it was great as it helps improve the flow and workability of the paint. It also gives strong, well-formed cells without compromising any of the colours you create.

Amazing! What colours do you enjoy using?

I’ve enjoyed working with blues, greens and purples recently, but I’m looking to start trying out more earthy tones in the coming months…watch this space!

Sounds exciting! What has been your favourite piece so far?

My favourite piece is the circular canvas as it has been the most successful for cells and colours. It started out originally as a fully blue and white piece, but it seemed a little lacking, so I mixed it up a little by pouring some pink into the mixture. It takes a lot of practice and patience to achieve the desired effect. I used an Albany test pot – Honey White – which was left over from a previous project.

We have absolutely loved seeing Josie’s work and we can’t wait to see what she creates next! Share your work with us on Instagram - @BrewersPaints