College students demonstrate decorating proficiency using tesa

August 23rd, 2018

Students from Leicester College recently demonstrated their capabilities in painting smooth edges using tesa Easy Cover®, a 2-in-1 masking tape and protection film for large-area masking with dispenser for effortless application.

Protecting large areas from accidental colour splashes is key to fast and easy painting and renovating. Using a high quality protective film not only speeds up work considerably but also prevents damage to valuable carpets, furniture, wallpaper and electronic devices. Designed specifically to protect against paint splashes and enable sharp and clean paint edges, tesa Easy Cover® comes complete with a practical dispenser and integrated cutter; adapting ideally to protect any area inside. 

The statically charged film combines a plastic foil with the latest in film technology, enabling the slowing down of paint drops and providing 7-day residue free removability. The high-quality masking tape also offers good adhesion and can be pulled off easily as soon as the paint protection layer has served its purpose. 

Recognised throughout the Painting & Decorating sector for the quality of its Precision® range of masking tapes, tesa has supported UK colleges including those in Leicester, Wolverhampton, Accrington and Leeds for several years. Regarding Leicester College specifically, tesa has donated various products to the institution to aid with learning and in return the college has tested some emerging tesa technology and, in many cases, provided feedback that has helped products be developed and refined. 

Kirk Staines, Programme Lead, Painting & Decorating Construction Department at Leicester College, believes learning to use products like tesa Easy Cover® will benefit students, he said, “Incorporating tesa tapes in my work has changed the way I paint and improved overall quality and speed.” 

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‘Incorporating tesa tapes in my work has changed the way I paint and improved overall quality and speed.’

Kirk Staines
Leicester College